It is common for harmful software to pose as innocent games or applications and gain entry inside your system. It is no new news that new ransom wares are released frequently. Any kind of ransomware is a threat to the user and the computer as well. Recently, a new version of ransomware was released which is specifically targeting gamers. Named Anatova, the new ransomware is released early this year. Basically, people who download games and software online can easily fall prey to this ransomware. For any kind of protection, you must use antivirus software like Mcafee Activation Key for Mcafee activation.

Anatova is an aid to be developed by some advanced and experienced program developers. It is so because this program can adapt itself quickly and also has strong encryption which can only be developed by expert programmers. It also uses applications which are used by other ransomware applications. Like any other Ransom ware, anatova also poses quite a threat. The lead scientist of Mcafee also says that the common methods to overcome such threats might not be that effective against this one. Since it has been released recently and is very advanced in coding, this ransomware can cause serious damage.

Most of the youth population is engaged in gaming and downloading different kinds from the internet. At such times, it is very easy to pose as innocent software and gain entry inside any computer or laptop. It uses masquerading networking so that users will easily download the software and install it inside their system. After that, it uses a set of random keys to gain access to the user’s computer. As soon as it gains control of the computer, the program demands a ransom. Usually, ransom wares demand payment in cryptocurrency from their users to a cryptocurrency wallet in exchange of their computer.

The demand made by anatova is 10 dash or 700 dollars. After the payment is made by the users, they can mail the hackers to get their system back from them. To avoid such harmful attacks to the computers, users must be aware of and install protection like McAfee Retailcard for McAfee antivirus. Though the new ransomware might be quite advanced to be treated with common methods, simple steps might be very helpful to protect one’s system. If you frequently download applications from the internet, you must limit your downloads. You must only download from trusted and registered websites. If you are using random websites, you could easily fall prey to such threats. No matter how old your system is, you should not forget to install the latest version of antivirus. Most of the times, prevention is better than cure. The same theory must be applied and you can protect your system from maximum threats. As of now, the program does not operate if downloaded in Russia or any other former Soviet Union countries. Apart from these, it also does not attack systems in Iraq, Egypt and Syria.

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