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McAfee LiveSafe shields everything that matters to you. It protects all your devices, it protects your important data, it protects your privacy, your identity, and your children.

LiveSafe is presented by McAfee as the ultimate protection solution – and I have to agree. You see, this security solution protects everything that matters to you. It protects all your devices against viruses, malware, and other threats. It protects your data, it protects your identity, it protects your privacy, it protects your passwords, and it even protects your children.

McAfee LiveSafe provides support for multiple operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and iOS, Google Android. McAfee LiveSafe provides support for multiple browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. So if you install McAfee LiveSafe on a Windows PC, McAfee LiveSafe will protect said PC and will integrate with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome.

Installing McAfee LiveSafe on a Windows PC, the setup wizard that takes you step by step through the installation process, will ask you to pick between a complete and a custom installation. Choose “complete” to get comprehensive PC, web and email protection. Choose “custom” to select the protection features you want to be installed.Please note that during the installation process you may be asked for a serial number. You can obtain one by following this link.

While McAfee LiveSafe is up and running on your PC, it offers real-time virus protection, spyware protection, web and email protection. That’s not all that this security solution has to offer. The simple truth of the matter is that McAfee LiveSafe has a lot to offer: on-demand scans or scheduled scans; built-in firewall; automatic updates; shredder to securely delete files; QuickClean tool to remove junk files; vulnerability scanner; parental controls to ensure your children don’t access inappropriate websites; SiteAdvisor that tells you which sites are safe and which aren’t; Threat Map; and more.

McAfee LiveSafe™ service protects YOU – your data, identity and all your devices. Whatever you do, wherever you go, McAfee LiveSafe allows you to live online with confidence.

The first time you launch McAfee LiveSafe, a “Can we show you around?” prompt will show up. This is a tour that quickly presents how McAfee LiveSafe keeps you safe on all your devices It tells you that you can protect multiple devices (desktop and mobile devices), that you can manage passwords with SafeKey, and that you can securely store data in the cloud with Personal Locker.

You have 30 days at your disposal to use McAfee LiveSafe for free and uncover everything it has to offer. To keep using McAfee LiveSafe once this trial period expires, you will have to purchase a license.

Benefits and Features :

McAfee LiveSafe provides support for multiple operating systems and for multiple web browsers. Pick between a complete and a custom installation when installing McAfee LiveSafe on a Windows PC. The interface is easy to navigate. McAfee LiveSafe has a lot to offer: virus protection, spyware protection, firewall, parental controls, and more.

You’ve got PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets. Regardless of how many devices you use to live your digital life, McAfee LiveSafe allows you to easily protect, manage and monitor all of them.

Secure unlimited devices :

Got a new computer or smartphone? No problem. It’s easy to add new devices, and you can protect as many of them as you own.

Easily protect what you value :

Your digital life happens on so many devices. With McAfee LiveSafe, you can manage and monitor all of them from a single website.

Locate and lock lost devices :

If you lose your PC* or Android smartphone or tablet, you can track, locate and lock it remotely.

Guard against online threats :

McAfee LiveSafe secures your devices by instantly detecting and blocking viruses, spyware and malware.

Every time you’re online—your information is right there with you. Hackers and thieves are constantly looking for any opportunity to access your financial data and personal details. McAfee LiveSafe gives you the power to protect your data and identity so you can avoid the cost and hassle of identity theft.

Seal sensitive data in your own Personal Locker :

You store important files and documents at home or maybe a bank. But what if you need immediate access to your stuff while you’re traveling—or even just across town? Personal Locker is an ultra-secure online safety deposit box for your financial records, copies of your ID and passport, even deeds and trusts. Biometric authentication that scans your voice and face ensures that only you can access your files.

Secure all your usernames and passwords :

Just about every site requires them, but how many times have you forgotten yours? McAfee SafeKey securely stores usernames and passwords for all your favorite sites and automatically logs you in. Instead of having to remember a bunch of complex passwords, you only need to remember one.

Back up, wipe, and remotely restore personal data :

Protect your privacy by remotely wiping the data on your lost or stolen PC* or Android device. Before you wipe it, you can back up your data so nothing is lost, and then easily restore your information to a new device.

Permanently delete unwanted files :

Destroy sensitive data and other activity-tracking files on your PC with our digital data shredder.

Know what data your apps collect :

Mobile security checks your Android apps and lets you know which ones are asking for more access than they really need.

Stop hackers and thieves :

The latest antivirus technology helps you avoid possible fraud, identity theft, and annoying malware and spyware.

Safely surf and browse the web :

Protect yourself from malicious websites, links, phishing scams, and even bad QR codes.

Lock it down with an extra firewall :

Prevent hackers from gaining access to your PC and stealing your personal information.


Manage protection for all your devices from an easy-to-use web page.

Encrypted Storage

Keep sensitive files private by storing them on your PC with 128-bit encryption.

FREE Support :

Get free customer support via phone, chat or online for the life of your subscription.

McAfee LiveSafe is the best product in McAfee’s sizable security portfolio. Its suite offers protection for an unlimited number of Windows PCs, Macs and Android and iOS devices, along with a Web dashboard. There’s 1GB of cloud-based storage as well.

McAfee is leading the way enterprises protect against emerging threats such as WannaCry ransomware, remediate complex security issues, and combat attacks with an intelligent end-to-end security platform that provides adaptable and continuous protection as a part of the threat defense lifecycle.