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Get Started activate card – Activate McAfee using the retail card activate card : Purchase McAfee activate card, enter the 25-digit product key, and activate the setup. McAfee antivirus setup is a widely used antivirus software which develops a protective shield for your devices and data. Whether you use a PC, Mac, smartphones, or tablets, McAfee setup provides you with a variety of antivirus setup, which best suits your devices. With the vast range of antivirus products available on activate card , and all McAfee products look similar to a slight difference in features. You can install, download, and activate all McAfee products available on the Official Website by providing a 25-digit unique code in to activate the licensed McAfee product.

What is McAfee Antivirus?

After you go through the process of purchasing, downloading, and installing any of the desired McAfee products, activation of the same is need to be done properly with activate card . To do the McAfee activation on the devices, you need to enter the 25 –digit code activation key, which you have received at the time of purchasing the product. If you have installed the McAfee product online, you will get the McAfee antivirus key code in your registered mail ID else. If you have bought the software from the retail shop, you will get a McAfee retail card or activate card. This activate card can get online and offline in both stores.

What is activate card ?

Users need to enter the 25 –digit code activation key on the activation site that is available on activate card . This McAfee activate card provides the product key and URL where the user can activate the setup and can secure the data. activate card activate card

You can redeem the McAfee keycode online as well as offline. As explained earlier, the McAfee activation process can be done by redeeming the keycode via email or via a retail card. At the time of purchasing the product online, McAfee will send you a unique license code, which you have to enter in to activate the product. When the downloading process starts, McAfee asks you to redeem the 25-digit key code or a licensed key code to subscribe to the product for the desired chosen years, which can be completed at activate card .

Steps for downloading and installing McAfee Antivirus

  1. Visit the official site of McAfee Antivirus
  2. Enter the 25-digit product key. 
  3. You need to press on the “My Account” button.
  4. Type the email ID and a password of the McAfee Antivirus account and submit it on the Login page then log in.
  5. In case you like to create a new McAfee account because you do not have the registered one, then click the “Sign Up” button. Start typing the required information and submit them.
  6. Hit the “Sign In” button, located on the home page of activate card .
  7. You need to choose any McAfee product from the given list, such as McAfee internet security, McAfee total protection, or McAfee LiveSafe.
  8. Click on the “Download” option to start downloading the McAfee product.
  9. Check the terms and conditions of downloading the McAfee product first and read carefully.
  10. In case you agree on the terms and conditions (recommended for McAfee download), then tap the “I Agree” option.
  11. Note the 25-digit alphanumeric product code from the retail card or email so that you can enter that product code, which will be needed for the activation process.
  12. Follow the guidelines displayed and complete the installation process.

How to install McAfee antivirus?

After downloading the installer file for the McAfee antivirus program, you have to follow these simple steps for McAfee installation via activate card . First of all

  1. Locate the downloaded installer file.
  2. Then select the installer setup, and then double-click on its icon.
  3. Now it will prompt the User Account Control window.
  4. Click on “Yes.”
  5. Now, on the given admin access, log in with the McAfee account.
  6. Click on the Install button.
  7. Follow the further on-screen steps.
  8. Wait for the installation to get complete.
  9. Finally, when it appears on the screen, click on the restart button.

How to uninstall McAfee antivirus :

  1. First of all, click on the icon and launch McAfee antivirus.
  2. Then Log out your account linked with activate card .
  3. Now close the McAfee tab and remove McAfee from the toolbar of the window or end task.
  4. Go to Settings and select System from the option.
  5. Click Apps & features.
  6. Locate the McAfee program you want to uninstall from the list of programs.
  7. Right-click the McAfee program and choose to uninstall.
  8. Select the checkboxes for the items you want to remove, then click Remove.

To purchase a McAfee product via activate card :-

  1. Visit
  2. McAfee webpage opens, click the “McAfee My Account” page.
  3. Click on “Sign-in” if you are an existing member of McAfee else “sign-up” if you want to become a member of McAfee’s product.
  4. Select the desired McAfee product you want to purchase.
  5. Choose the subscription years for which you want to subscribe to the product.
  6. Click on “Submit,” the page will redirect to the “Payment” page.
  7. Choose a convenient payment mode and complete the payment.
  8. You have successfully purchased the McAfee product.

To purchase the mcafee product offline, the following are the steps :-

  1. Visit your nearby retail shop to buy the desired product, which is compatible with your devices.
  2. The shop will provide you with a packet that contains the McAfee licensed product for performing the McAfee activation process in your devices with activate card .
  3. Kindly contact the technical support from the experts if you face any issue relating to the purchase of McAfee products offline as well as online. If you are purchasing the retail card offline, then you can take help from the offline support team, as well.

You can smoothly perform downloading and installation steps of McAfee product on your devices, by:-

  1. Reach the page
  2. To redeem your McAfee card, enter the McAfee licensed key code.
  3. NOTE:- Make sure, while purchasing the product online, you need to check your registered email id or the text message which you might have received during the activate card purchase. If you have purchased the desired McAfee product offline, you need to check the keyword either on the backside of your CD or the activation key card might be in the product package.
  4. If you are an existing user, click “sign-in” else “sign-up” in the “McAfee My Account” page. Submit the detail asked in the registration form.
  5. Choose and select the device from the list displayed, such as laptop, Pc, for which you want to install the McAfee product.
  6. From the list, choose the McAfee product you have purchased and subscribed.
  7. Click the downloading link, just below the desired product. Wait until the completion of the download process.
  8. Type “McAfee activate” in the search box for downloaded files or folders. A quick start to the installation process will commence immediately.
  9. Read and accept the McAfee license terms. Click on the “Agree” to proceed next to the installation process. Installation completed!! activate card – Now the last and most important part, which is activated McAfee process, for this you need to follow the below steps:-

  • Go to the website.
  • Now select the “McAfee activate” product.
  • From the menu list, search for the “Activate” option.
  • To redeem the McAfee product, follow the above -mentioned steps.
  • To activate it, click on the “Activate” option.
  • Your device is now secured and protected by McAfee antivirus.

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