Samsung and McAfee team up to fight against Bloatware issues

What is Samsung’s initiative to combat against Bloatware in Smart TVs?

Samsung recently partnered with McAfee antivirus to standardize the security features. The antivirus suite will come pre-installed in the Samsung smart devices. If you think it will be limited to Samsung smartphones, well that’s not a complete picture.

The McAfee security application will also run on Samsung Smart TVs, and McAfee security application will come preinstalled on all the Samsung’s 2019 family of Smart TVs. If you want to know more about the details of McAfee Security application, you can click on URL
Know more about Bloatware.

At the time of purchasing smart devices, you see most of the devices come with unnecessary files and applications preinstalled on them. You might not need them but still, these applications are running on your devices and occupy unnecessary storage space for no reason at all. This is called Bloatware. It is a kind of file or application that results in insufficient storage space on your device due to files and applications which are not required.

When your device is having no or less storage due to unnecessary preinstalled apps running on the device, then that device is having ‘Bloatware’, which is occurring due to bloating of non required applications.

There are 99% chances of having Bloatware when you buy a PC or carrier locked Smartphone, the devices come with Bloatware, pre-installed on them.
McAfee Security for Smart TVs.

Being the leader in the categorized market of Smart TVs across the globe, Samsung will also be the first company to ensure the security of your Smart TVs with McAfee antivirus application.

Smart TVs are now coming up with streaming services like Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Video and many more which are pre-installed on the Smart TVs.

Samsung ensures its commitment to provide security from the start. McAfee security application for TV scans the applications that are unnecessarily running on the TV creating Bloatware and contains malware and virus. McAfee activates will ensure the safety of your smart TV. To know more about McAfee Security for Samsung Smart TVs, you can visit McAfee’s official URL

Summing up:-

By summarizing, the pact between Samsung and McAfee will bear fruit in the upcoming years. You might not feel the need of having antivirus on your Smart TV to block malware and potential online threats, but still, you need its support when it comes to removing unnecessary files and useless application out of your smart TV.

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